My Dough Roller Ocean City, MD Experience

My Dough Roller Ocean City, MD Experience

Every year I take the family to Ocean City Maryland for a week vacation. This has been a tradition since my oldest was in diapers. Over the years there have been some crazy times. Too bad I wasn’t blogging back then or if blogging was even around. With that being said let’s get right to it.

Our first night as a tradition we walk the boardwalk from our condo to the 3rd St. & Boardwalk Dough Roller location. The wait time wasn’t bad at all for a Monday. We were seated by a very attractive Russian woman with zero personality or people skills. I really felt Dough Roller should maybe put her in a position where she isn’t around so many customers. Once we were seated our server (who was much more friendly) caome over about 5 minutes later. I feel this entire establishment is run by 19 and 20 year olds. Which I am ok with as long as our experience and food are on point.

The place itself is nice for families, offering kids menus, crayons, mazes on paper etc. Too bad my kids are too old for that but they were glued to their phones anyway.
Tables were clean, floor was clean, servers clean cut. Ok ok I can get behind this, I already forgot about Ms. Personality who seated us.  Our server came over took our drink orders and food order at once since we get the samething every year. 20oz Lager for me waters and sodas for the kiddos, 1 large cheese and 1 large pepperoni.

The first pizza (cheese) arrived in maybe 12 minutes so not bad at all and it was pretty tasty as always I must say. A little too greasy but very tasty nonetheless.  The pepperoni showed up maybe 10 minutes after that.  Also VERY tasty especially with the little pepperonis that curl up when cooked. mmmmm making me hungry as we speak!  So as I cut and start to pass slices around, like a foucet grease starts to drip / pour all over the tray, plates, and the table. Seriously I have never seen so much grease from one pizza. I take into consideration pepperoni produces grease but 1 pizza prob gave us a half of cup of grease or more. I legit had to put napkins down on the plate to ctach the grease like we were taking bacon out of the pan for the first time.

I mentioned that we had to put down napkins? Yes that was correct but our table and the 3 tables near us all had empty napkin holders, NO salt, NO pepper, NO parm cheese, NO garlic. Ya know these are the essentials for pizza and I am not the only one who complained about this.

My kids love the atmosphere of Dough Rollers and up until last night they loved the food. Like I said the cheese pizza was very tasty. With that being said i think we will try some place new and break tradition next year.  Our server wasn’t bad and she was nice and attentive so she still earned her 30% tip.

My rating: 2/5

My suggestion: Go somewhere else!

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  1. I like to think that when I soak up grease with napkins before eating pizza that it takes off about 200 calories per slice… thats how I justify it. If I believe it hard enough it must be true!

  2. Oh I miss Ocean City, Maryland. When I lived there we used to go a couple times a year. So much fun. Last time I was there I had gotten bit by a brown recluse spider and ended up in the hospital for 2 weeks. I thought I was dying…So needless to say my last trip to Ocean City was a horrible memory. I need to come back and put a new positive spin on my experience. If you find a better place to eat…let me know! Lol


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