My Experience at Ms. Tootsie’s in Philadelphia

My Experience at Ms. Tootsie’s in Philadelphia

About a month ago I was invited to an Entrepreneur event in Philadelphia Pennsylvania.  Now me being from South New Jersey I was already very familiar with the city of Philadelphia. I partied there, drank there, stayed in plenty of hotels etc etc.  Apparently I am not familiar with every place in Philly like I thought I was because up until now I had never heard of Ms. Tootsie’s.  My first thought was “what kind of a name is Ms. Tootsie’s and why would they host an entrepreneur event there?”  Needless to say I was extremely hesitant to attend this event. I thought about it and realized meeting people and networking was goal here so I said what the heck.

That Friday came and I checked into my hotel located in center city. By the way I used Priceline because they had the best deals for overnight weekend stay which was $105 for a 3.5 star in a major city. That’s not bad at all right???  Ok getting back to Ms. Tootsie’s I pull up in my Uber about a block away so in case I didn’t like what I see I would just walk right on past to the closest bar and start my night early.
So what I said about this not being a good spot to host an entrepreneur event…yeah so I was wrong! I walked in I was greeted right away by a hostess from Ms. Tootsie’s because the other side was dining only and not part of the event I was attending.  Of course there was a bar to the left for us which I immediately ordered a bourbon on the rocks to calm my nerves. Yes believe it or not after 13 years of being an entrepreneur I still get nervous before events. So back to the set-up of Ms. Tootsie’s it had a very nice intimate setting not too dark not too bright.  They had a dj playing soft appropriate tunes for a dinner crowd.

This place is a soul food joint so of course I need to order something and make sure it is legit lol. I didn’t want to overdue it especially since I was there for networking and future business. I played it safe and ordered something from their tasting menu. Fried crab mac n cheese balls.  I know, let me repeat what I just said…Fried crab mac n cheese balls!  You heard correctly and it tasted just like it sounds. ABSOLUTELY delicious.  Sorry my picture didn’t do it justice next time I will upgrade my phone before snapping a picture.
This was definitely one of the better tasting appetizers i’ve had in a long time and at 250 lbs I don’t miss many meals. So the food and mixed specialty cocktails were on point but little did I know this place had 3 different floors with something always going on on each floor. I know there won’t be any entrepreneur events there this year but I still plan on going back for some good old fashioned soul food and drinks.  I definitely recommend Ms. Tootsie’s in Philadelphia if you get the chance to visit.

PS: I acquired 3 new customers that night all for the price of my $12 appetizer and $10 cocktail 🙂

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