Fox Network Premier Party At Youtube NYC

Fox Network Premier Party At Youtube NYC

Not long ago I was invited by Youtube to attend the premier party of the hit Fox tv show Empire.  This was a no brainer, of course I attended. Let’s rewind a bit so I can explain how I received this invite.  So yes I have a clothing line however I also work with one of my best friends Juan Irizarry. He is a youtube guru. Together we make a lot of viral videos to the point where Youtube allows us to film our videos at any one of their studios in the world. We also get invites to everything hosted at Youtube and Google.  I know that’s pretty awesome right?  Well if you don’t think so you should have your head examined lol.

Ok back to the Empire event. When Youtube puts together an event, they put together an event!  Fully stocked open bar, the food was catered and every server was wearing their fancy black outfits as they were passing around tasty treats.  Did I mention it was the perfect time to network as many youtubers have businesses that they are trying to expand / build. The perfect combination of a great night in New York City and well to do Fox & Empire personalities.

I want to add that Empire is one of my top 10 shows that I DVR and binge watch in a couple days. With that being said the real treat of the event wasn’t the networking with other youtubers it was meeting the cast and creator. I was blessed enough to have the opportunity to meet one of the characters Hakeem aka Bryshere Y Gray. He is such a down to earth person, especially for only being 23 years old. He definitely wasn’t one of those arrogant entitled celebrity we often hear about.

I saved the best for last. The creator of Empire Lee Daniels was nice enough to come out and join in on the fun. Not only did he have a meet and greet where he spoke and took pictures but he also had a 45 minute Q&A session. This made my night because I am such a huge fan of his. If you aren’t familiar with Lee Daniels or Empire, his other projects are the show Stars, the movie Monsters Ball and Precious just to name a few. Definitely a talented guy and I was honored to meet and speak with him.

Once again I have to say thank you to Youtube because they keep on inviting us to some of the biggest and best events in not just the movie industry but gaming, nightlife and sports as well. We are vastly approaching the holiday season which means I should be getting my invite to the Youtube Holiday Party. I will refrain from telling you how much I have to drink at these holiday parties…You understand I’m sure 😉

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  1. Sound soo good, getting invited by you tube to their parties is pretty awesome, I am sure you had a good time, I have to settle4 for a beer at our local casino(lol).Do you talk about work , during these parties,i know
    , I know,they aren’t work meetings.Glad you enjoyed and had a wonderful time

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