Lancaster PA Bar Review Part 1 of 10

Lancaster PA Bar Review Part 1 of 10

When it comes to rating a bar, restaurant, or a nightclub people have different rating systems. I have seen some of these ratings and I don’t always agree but that’s what’s great about having our own opinion. We travel and when we do we like to hit up the local spots for good beer, liquor and food. Last night I stopped in a local spot in Lancaster PA called Quips English Pub.  I’m not the ultimate world traveler but I am pretty sure an English pub in an area that is known for the Amish is pretty f’ing rare!

So let’s pull out the old check list shall we?  First I look for atmosphere. The inside of a bar has to match the type of place they claim to be. Quips did a very good job with that. The darker stained wood with dime lighting, lit candles, English looking pint glasses, cask ale, definitely had the feel of an English pub.  They even went as far as to have a home style type front porch where you can sit, smoke, drink, and have great conversations with other locals.  A lot of people seemed to know each other but they were very friendly and treated you like a regular. This brings me to the 2nd checkbox on my rating list.

How the staff treats you: So my bartender’s name is Marshall. He is very friendly, knowledgeable of the menus and was able to give me the background of the beers I asked about. He put a napkin down as we made eye contact, greeted and asked me what I wanted to drink. Doesn’t sound like a big deal to most but that napkin being placed in front of you, let’s you know the bartender acknowledged you and is now or will soon be ready to help you get your drink and or eat on.

The drinks:  I’m a simple man, my favorite beer is Guinness and my favorite liquor is Jameson. Lucky for me those 2 go together like peanut butter and jelly, ham and cheese, socks to feet…well you get the picture! My Guinness poured correctly, it was cold and it was prompt! Enjoying my 1st tasty beverage of the night I start having a conversation with a local who was very friendly. We talked about this and that and before you know it he bought a round of car bombs (Guinness with a shot of bailey’s Irish creme and Jameson) We also talked about the menu as I was getting hungry.

The food:  Ok I can go to a bar and have chicken wings, a burger, or nachos anytime right? I was at an English pub so it was only right to order a dish indigenous to England and that’s just what I did.  Bangers and mash it is. For those who don’t know what bangers are (like me), it’s sausage over top of mashed potatoes with the onions and french onion soup broth on top and bottom of the dish. All I have to say is WOW! If I wasn’t stuffed i’d ask for a 2nd dish or maybe a doggy bag because the food was OUTSTANDING and I am 240 lbs so clearly I take my food seriously!

Quips English Pub definitely hit all of the check boxes for me. I forgot to mention they even had a back patio for people who wanted to eat outside, play giant jenga, cornhole, or giant connect 4. They played music inside and different music out back. I will definitely continue to go here whenever I am in Lancaster, which will be more often than you might think… I highly recommend Quips and I give them a 5 out of 5 stars. Check them out for yourself Quips English pub 457 New Holland Ave, Lancaster, PA 17602. 717-397-3903


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