My Taste Of Lancaster Pennsylvania

My Taste Of Lancaster Pennsylvania

Let me start by saying I am not from Lancaster PA at all. I’m not going to lie I pronounced Lancaster like it was two words (Lan Caster) just like everyone else not from here. Well it’s 1 word Lancaster. Not that being originally from New Jersey is much better these days.  New Jersey has there stereotypes just like Lancaster and most states / cities do.

What I did discover about Lancaster PA is that the food, spirits and atmosphere are pretty amazing.  I like food and beer as my 245 pound frame would suggest.  I’m also very picky (some say weird) about my food. One example is I don’t like my food touching unless it’s the traditional Thanksgiving meal then its ok because it’s all tied together with a healthy portion of gravy.

So a couple of days ago I went to a local English Pub called “Quips”  I’ve written about it before because of the atmosphere and food. The English pub from the outside looks like a 100 year old house with an old school front porch you can sit drink eat and converse.  Inside is very English authentic with the wood, the bar, the old signs and the food. The menu has your standard English Pub fair like fish n chips, faggots, bangers n mash, and weekly specials.  I went for dinner and there was a new special on the menu and I have to say….it was hands down the BEST DISH I’ve had in the state of Pennsylvania (Philly included) and one of the best I’ve had ever anywhere!!! I am not over selling or exaggerating this made me want to lick my plate clean! Oh wait I did just that…literally!  It didn’t bother me one bit that people were staring while I was licking the plate like a fat puppy.

Quips has a young chef that is just a rising star and his name is Chef Ross Chelius.  Let me tell you how good he is. I hate mayonnaise as the stereotype suggests. In the past he has made a bacon mayo type topping and I now put it on just about anything. That right there is enough for my vote but let’s get back to this incredible meal.

A braised short rib tender enough to just use a fork, cheesy polenta, mushrooms, asparagus with bacon, all of this tied together with a sauce and saying it was f’ing delicious is an understatement! Oh and yes not only did I not mind that everything was touching. I got crazy with it and mixed everything in.  I don’t know if or when this special is coming back but chef Ross’ specials are LEGIT!

Lancaster Pennsylvania has several restaurants and bars that serve up awesome food. I often recommend places but I usually don’t give praise to chefs other than Ramsey, Flay etc. I strongly recommend checking out chef Ross at Quips pub for the specials. Hey did I mention Quips has awesome spirits, and definitely great conversation.  You can also find me in there quite a bit when I am in Pennsylvania 🙂

Quips English Pub 
457 New Holland Ave.
Lancaster, PA 17602

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