2 NFL Players Have Altercations

2 NFL Players Have Altercations

Celebrities and athletes put their pants on 1 leg at a time just like regular people do right? They are human with emotions, they make mistakes, and aren’t perfect. With that being said I can’t help but feel that celebrities and athletes thing they have some sort of entitlement. Sure they don’t always want to be bothered outside of work and I get that. Just because fans pay their salaries doesn’t mean celebs and athletes have to put up with fan nonsense. But now let’s flip the scrip for a second. Because they are celebrities and athletes do we need to walk on egg shells, kiss their ass, or take their bullshit? I have 2 separate stories for you that recently happened.

NFL running back Ezekiel Elliott (Dallas Cowboys) has been accused of punching and knocking out a DJ at the local nightclub Clutch Bar in Dallas. Several witnesses have confirmed it was definitely the Dallas Cowboys star running back. The question is why?  Not that there is ever really a good reason to knock someone out. Especially if you are a professional athlete. Witnesses say the DJ and an unidentified woman got into a verbal altercation. Witnesses also say the woman was with Elliott, Elliott stepped in there was another altercation and Elliott punched the DJ. It was definitely a 1 hit KO and the man had to be taken to the hospital. No arrests have been made. I definitely feel like there should be tho. However in my opinion the victim may be offered money to forget this ever happened. If he hasn’t already forgotten due to the blow to the head and floor.

The 2nd incident was involving Denver Broncos wide receiver Cody Latimer his uncle and a bouncer at the Diamonds Cabaret Strip Club in Ohio.  Cody, his uncle and a friend were denied entry because of not following dress code protocol. Remember that who thing I said about entitlement? Cody put his hands on the bouncer 4 different times before lightly slapping the bouncer. The bouncer then responded with a shot of pepper spray to Cody’s face. Cody’s uncle tried to jump in and save the day by throwing a punch at the bouncer which was an epic fail.  The bouncer defended himself by laying out Cody’s uncle cold!  Cody told reporters that he was trying to defuse the situation lol. He could of defused the situation by leaving since they were denied entry but hey that’s just me. There is video which speaks for itself…

Two athletes both feeling entitled. The only thing you are entitled to right now is a fine and maybe even jail time…

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    1. I don’t watch hockey at all. I watch MMA, Football, Basketball, Baseball but that doesn’t mean these athletes should act like they are entitled or above other people should they?


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